Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Teachers gifts... want to see?

After struggling with ideas all the way down to the last day to get them done. I have been debating on what to do for my son's 2 teacher's this year. Last year I gave the teacher a stamp set but this year I thought i would make something. Well after playing with emboss resist etching i decided to go this route. I went to Walmart and picked up to glass square candle holders for $5.88 each and etched Stampin up's large snowflake out of the Snowflake set. I also filled them with peppermints and a tealight. To show you the etching I took a candle and placed it in one of the candleholders.

I think the turned out pretty good. I have to take my son to school with them in the morning. I can't believe tomorrow is his last day til next year. This year has really passed by. Well off to work on another Christmas present for someone else tonight.... I really hate waiting for the last minute to get things done.

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