Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tagged and why I have yet to post this week...

Well first off I am so sorry to have neglected my blog this week but I bet you would have too for the same reason. My husband is finally home after a seven month deployment with the navy and we are all trying to spend as much time together as possible... however today he had to go into work and tomorrow he will not be home because he will be back to the daily grind of duty ever few days. But maybe I will find some time to play with some stamping tonight and tomorrow.

Now on to the tagging. I was tagged twice by Jen and Linda. With this game of tag I have to list seven things about myself and tag seven other bloggers. Well here goes nothing.

1. I am married and have three beautiful children.

2. I have a tendency to horde my craft supplies such as ribbon and hardware... anyone have a way to break this habit... post a comment on here if you have any ideas on how I can do better.

3. I love to sing and actually I am very active in my church choir.

4. I was in the band in highschool and played both the flute and piccolo... I even took lessons in college.

5. In highschool I never took an art class but took one semester course in college on basic design.

6. I have now lived in three different states within the last 6 years of my life due to the military moving us. These states are VA born and raised, CT last station we were at and now we have bought and hope to remain here in NC. But that will be up to the navy again.

7. I also can't go off here with out telling you all of my love for both cats and dogs... so much so my husband has now put me on the limit of no more animals here at the house... 3 cats and 3 dogs ... do you think that is enough.

Well now it is the time for me to tag a few of my fellow bloggers...

em from stampin bella


Jan Scholl said...

I hope you hubby is home for a long long time. Funny, I am always glad when mine is gone-he isnt military . I get some much more done when I dont have to babysit him.

Linda McClain said...

Girlfriend - what are you doing blogging? Hug that hubby all you can. I don't know how you do it. Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for us.

Karen said...

I'm an army brat and I remember when my dad would come home after being gone on duty...wonderful! About hoarding...try sending some goodies to a friend or a new crafter. I have a friend with a very artsy style so opposite of mine so when I have something that is more her style I will send it to her because I know she will use it!

Tsoniki said...

Yay that your hubby is home! Mine is Navy as well. I found your blog from a link from somewhere and have been reading for a little while now. Just wanted to say yay. :)